Our Mission

      • Commitment: the agency wants to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.
      • Responsibility: The focus of the agency is to empower the urban community in establishing goals and following through on commitments
      • Possibility: The agency wants to expand the perspective of the urban community to make them aware life’s possibilities.
      • Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. The agency wants to surround urban community in a caring, inclusive learning environment.


George Hudson Shaw Dunlap

Vice President


George Dunlap is someone we can look up to for his accomplishments and desire to give to the community through the foundation and helping youth by being a positive role model. He is both an accomplished basketball player and coach striving to give to our youth what the game gave to him. This is evident from the positions he has held and the awards he has received.

His spirituality and involvement in church will also serve as a great attribute when mentoring and trying to be a role model to others. His hobbies include visual arts, painting, collecting coins and marbles, and of course, basketball. He is educated and has much to share personally and spiritually benefiting anyone he tries to guide and influence.